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# About

# Core Project Team

Name Discord Name Primary Role
Dane Everitt (opens new window) Tactical Fish#8008 Founder & Former Project Maintainer
Matthew Penner (opens new window) matthewp#0001 Project Maintainer
Stepan Fedotov Trixter#0001 WISP & WHMCS Module Maintainer
Michael Parker parkervcp#6789 Egg Developer, Docker Integration
Jakob Schrettenbrunner (opens new window) schrej#1337 Developer
Lance Pioch (opens new window) ShadowLancer#5209 Developer

Members of the project team have a red username in our Discord server.

# Community Team

Pterodactyl would not be as successful as it is today without the help of our fantastic community support team. These members can be found in our Discord server and are distinguished with a yellow username.

# Sponsors

The following companies help to fund Pterodactyl's development. Interested in becoming a sponsor? (opens new window)

Company About
WISP (opens new window) Extra features.
Fragnet (opens new window) Providing low latency, high-end game hosting solutions to gamers, game studios and eSports platforms.
RocketNode (opens new window) Innovative game server hosting combined with a straightforward control panel, affordable prices, and Rocket-Fast support.
Aussie Server Hosts (opens new window) No frills Australian Owned and operated High Performance Server hosting for some of the most demanding games serving Australia and New Zealand.
BisectHosting (opens new window) BisectHosting provides Minecraft, Valheim and other server hosting services with the highest reliability and lightning fast support since 2012.
MineStrator (opens new window) Looking for the most highend French hosting company for your minecraft server? More than 24,000 members on our discord trust us. Give us a try!
Skynode (opens new window) Skynode provides blazing fast game servers along with a top-notch user experience. Whatever our clients are looking for, we're able to provide it!
VibeGAMES (opens new window) VibeGAMES is a game server provider that specializes in DDOS protection for the games we offer. We have multiple locations in the US, Brazil, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia and South Africa.
Pterodactyl Market (opens new window) Pterodactyl Market is a one-and-stop shop for Pterodactyl. In our market, you can find Add-ons, Themes, Eggs, and more for Pterodactyl.
UltraServers (opens new window) Deploy premium games hosting with the click of a button. Manage and swap games with ease and let us take care of the rest. We currently support Minecraft, Rust, ARK, 7 Days to Die, Garys MOD, CS:GO, Satisfactory and others.

# License

Pterodactyl® Copyright © 2015 - 2022 Dane Everitt and contributors.

Code released under the MIT License (opens new window).