# Using Mounts

Mounts can be used to make directories on a node available to servers running on it.

# Wings Configuration

For security reasons it is not possible to mount directories on a node by default. Directories that should be mountable have to be specified explicitly in the Wings configuration.

In the Wings configuration file (/etc/pterodactyl/config.yml) the allowed_mounts field is used to list mountable directories. The listed directories and all their subdirectories can be mounted.

- /example

# Panel Configuration

You have to configure mounts in admin panel in order to use them with your servers. They consist of a source pad on the node and a target path where it will be mounted in the container.

Path in the container

Mounts can not be mounted at /home/container or any subdirectory of it, as mounts cannot overlap and the server specific files are mounted at that location.

# Creating a Mount

  1. In the admin panel go to Mounts.
  2. Create a new mount.
  3. Fill in the details as required.
    • Name: Name for your mount.
    • Description: Description for your mount.
    • Source: The directory where files are stored on the node.
    • Target: The directory where the mount will be placed inside of your server, can not be /home/container.
    • Read Only: Whether the mount will be read-only for the servers using it.
    • User Mountable: Whether to allow users to self mount this mount.
  4. After creating the mount you are required to add Eggs and Nodes that this mount may be used on.

Mounts used by multiple servers

All servers using the same mounts will only share its contents when they are on the same node. Mounts are not synchronized between servers.

# Assigning a Mount to a Server

  1. In the admin panel navigate to the server you would like to use a mount with
  2. Go to the mounts page
  3. Click the + button
  4. Restart the server

The files of the mount should become available in the target path in the container.

Mounts cannot be Accessed

Mounts do not appear in the Panel's file manager, nor are they accessible via SFTP.