# Additional Configuration

# Backups

Pterodactyl Panel allows users to create backups of their servers. In order to create remote backups, a backup storage has to be configured.

# Using S3 Backups

AWS S3 (or compatible storage) can be used to store backups. The following configuration options have to be set in the .env file in order to enable it.

# Sets your panel to use s3 for backups

# Info to actually use s3


The Panel uses invisible reCAPTCHA to secure the login page from brute-force attacks. If the login attempt is considered suspicious, users may be required to perform a reCAPTCHA challenge.

# Configuring reCAPTCHA

While we provide a global Site Key and Secret Key by default, we highly recommend changing it for your own setup.

You can generate your own keys in the reCAPTCHA Admin Console (opens new window).

The keys can then be applied using the Settings in the admin panel. The reCAPTCHA settings can be found on the Advanced

# Disabling reCAPTCHA


We do not recommend disabling reCAPTCHA. It is a security mechanism that makes it harder to perform brute-force attacks on user accounts.

If users have trouble logging in, or your Panel isn't exposed to the internet, in can make sense to disable reCAPTCHA.

reCAPTCHA can easily be disabled using the admin panel. In the Settings, select the Advanced tab and set the Status of reCAPTCHA to disabled.

# Editing your database

If you cannot access your panel, you can modify the database directly using the following commands.

mysql -u root -p
UPDATE panel.settings SET value = 'false' WHERE `key` = 'settings::recaptcha:enabled';

# 2FA

If possible you should use the panel to update your 2FA settings. If you can't access your panel for what ever reason you can use the following steps.

# Disable 2FA requirement

mysql -u root -p
UPDATE panel.settings SET value = 0 WHERE `key` = 'settings::pterodactyl:auth:2fa_required';

# Disable 2FA for a specific user

Run the following command in your /var/www/pterodactyl directory.

php artisan p:user:disable2fa