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# Artisan CLI

The Artisan CLI, command line interface, is part of the Laravel framework, which Pterodactyl is built on. The Artisan file is located in /var/www/pterodactyl if you followed the official guide. This guide goes over some more Pterodactyl specific/related Artisan commands, which are all prefixed with the letter p (e.g. p:user:make). If you'd like to view all commands, you can do so by running:

php artisan list

To get information regarding a specific command you can do so by running:

php artisan help <command>


To simplify this documentation, in command usage you'll see things like the following:

<hello-world> - Required argument

[hello-world] - Optional argument

{--hello-world} - Option

# User Management

When running any of the following commands, you can either use the options or don't pass through anything and use the interactive prompt. You can also do both passing through options and using interactive prompts as well.

# Create User

php artisan p:user:make {--email=[email protected]}

# Delete User

php artisan p:user:delete {--user=username/email/UUID}

# Disable 2FA


Disabling 2-factor authentication should only be used as a last resort for user recovery. Please use this with caution.

php artisan p:user:disable2fa {--email=[email protected]}

# Server & Node Management

# Create Location

php artisan p:location:make {--short=us1}
                            {--long="A description of this location."}

# Delete Location

php artisan p:location:delete {--short=us1}

# Server Bulk Power

php artisan p:server:bulk-power <start, stop, kill, restart>

# Panel Management

# View Panel Info

php artisan p:info

Displays a variety of panel information that can be used to check the configuration of things such as database and email.

# Update Panel

php artisan p:upgrade   {--user=www-data}

Downloads a new archive for Pterodactyl and executes the normal upgrade commands.