# Minecraft

# Network Configuration

This guide was written for Minecraft Proxy Servers (BungeeCord, Waterfall, HexaCord, etc).


For the setup described below, it is necessary that all servers are on the same node.


If you are a host you should limit it to a single proxy network on a node if you are selling them to customers.

# Setting up the Network

# Allocations in panel

When setting up a minecraft network in the panel you will need to add allocations for bungee (external IP in the example), and the game servers (

# example allocations in panel

# proxy settings

# bungeecord/waterfall config

This will differ for other proxy software

# paper/spigot/bukkit settings

This will differ for other server software

# server.properties

set online-mode false

# spigot.yml

set bungeecord to true

# Firewalls


The ports you open with the following will be accessable by all minecraft servers on the node.

The following commands are to allow access on <PTERODACTYL_NET> (default is

# UFW (ubuntu)

Allow access to the pterodactyl pterodactyl0 network on a specific port.

ufw allow in on pterodactyl0 to <PTERODACTYL_NET> port <LOCALHOST_PORT> proto tcp

# Firewalld (centos)

Allow access to pterodactyl0 from the pterodactyl0 network.

firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-source=<PTERODACTYL_NET>