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# Ubuntu 20.04

In this guide we will install Pterodactyl v1.X β€” including all of it's dependencies β€” and configure our webserver to serve it using SSL.


This guide is based off the official installation documentation but is tailored specifically for Ubuntu 20.04.

# Install Requirements

We will first begin by installing all of Pterodactyl's required dependencies.

# MariaDB

## Get apt updates
apt update -y

## Install MariaDB
apt install -y mariadb-common mariadb-server mariadb-client

## Start MariaDB
systemctl start mariadb
systemctl enable mariadb

# PHP 8.0

## Get apt updates
apt update -y

## Install PHP 8.0
apt -y install php8.0 php8.0-{cli,gd,mysql,pdo,mbstring,tokenizer,bcmath,xml,fpm,curl,zip}

# Nginx

apt install -y nginx

# Redis

apt install -y redis-server

systemctl start redis-server
systemctl enable redis-server

# Additional Utilities

# Certbot

apt install -y certbot

# Composer

curl -sS | php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer

# Server Configuration

This following section covers the configuration of parts of the server to run the panel.

# Configuring MariaDB

The fastest way to set up MariaDB is to use the mysql_secure_installation command and follow prompts


The following are safe defaults.

Change to your own secure password
Set root password? [Y/n] Y

Get rid of users that could access the db by default
Remove anonymous users? [Y/n] Y

Keep root off the external interfaces
Disallow root login remotely? [Y/n] Y

Extra databases that aren't needed
Remove test database and access to it? [Y/n] Y

Clears and sets all the changes made
Reload privilege tables now? [Y/n] Y

All done! If you've completed all of the above steps, your MariaDB installation should now be secure.

# Adding MariaDB user

To add your first user to the database, see our tutorial on setting up MySQL.

# Setup PHP

The default php-fpm configuration is fine to use and can be started and then enabled on the system using the commands below.

systemctl enable php8.0-fpm
systemctl start php8.0-fpm

# Nginx Configuration

Follow this guide to setup Nginx for Pterodactyl, choose whether to use Nginx with or without SSL.

# Redis Setup

The default Redis install is perfectly fine for the panel. If you have Redis already in use you may want to look into running another Redis instance (opens new window).

# Installing the Panel

Excellent, we now have all of the required dependencies installed and configured. From here, follow the official Panel installation documentation.