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# Publishing a Release


This documentation is specific to the core project team and serves to document how we create, deploy, and announce releases of this software. It might be an interesting read, but you'll likely never use anything out of this on a day-to-day basis.

# Pick a Codename

If this is going to be a major version release 0.X or 1.X (not 0.0.X), you will need to have a codename picked out for the release. This should be some type of rhyme or otherwise creative name, ideally using some type of Pterodactyl related species name.

# Create the Release Branch

Releases should be created as their own branch on GitHub, following the GitFlow model. This means you'll need to create a release/vX.X.X branch. Once the branch is created you need to update the version number for the software. For the Panel this requires editing config/app.php and setting the specific APP_VERSION without a preceding v. For the Daemon, you need to edit package.json and set the version field, again without a preceding v.

Once you've created the branch and update the relevant file publish the branch to GitHub to begin the next steps.

# Tag a Release

Once the branch is pushed up you need to tag a release and then configure it on GitHub. To do so, run the command below setting the version correctly. This will create a tag for v0.6.0 on the release/v0.6.0 branch and sign it using your GPG key.

Sign Your Releases

All releases must be made with a GPG signed tag. Do not create a tag without signing it.

git tag -asm "v0.6.0"
git push origin v0.6.0

# Update the Release on GitHub

Once you've created and pushed up the tag you need to then go to the GitHub releases, find the most recent tag, and create a nice release from it. The title should be v1.2.3 (Codename), and the content should be from the Changelog for that release. All minor version releases should use the same codename as the major release version.

# Generate Signatures & Hashes

Once you've created the release on GitHub, view it and select the option to download the .tar.gz archive of the release. Once downloaded, rename it to panel.tar.gz or daemon.tar.gz.

mv panel-v1.2.3.tar.gz panel.tar.gz

# Create Checksum

Then, create the SHA 256 checksum and write it to a file which will be uploaded to the release on GitHub.

shasum -a 256 panel.tar.gz > checksum.txt

# Dump the output for easy pasting into the release
cat checksum.txt

# GPG Sign Release

Finally, create a GPG-signed file to verify the integrity of the release. This must be created using Pterodactyl's key, so chances are that only Dane will be doing this part.

gpg --detach-sig --output panel.asc panel.tar.gz

# Attach to Release

Finally, upload panel.tar.gz, checksum.txt, and panel.asc to the release as attachments. This will allow all of our defined links to continue working. In addition, add a section to the release titled #### SHA256 Checksum with the content of the checksum for people to verify with.

# Update Documentation

After the release is created and ready to go, update the relevant documentation to ensure it will be the version people install or upgrade to. You should also make sure all of the documentation for installing or upgrading is squared away and ready to go.

# Update CDN

Dane will need to update the CDN releases.json file to point to the most recent version of the Panel and Daemon so that notifications show up on the Daemon and Panel encouraging people to update.

# Make Discord Announcement

The last step is to make an announcement on Discord letting @everyone know that a new release is available, and encouraging them to update. Include relevant links to stem off the inevitable flood of "how 2 update" questions that will follow.

# Example Process

The entire process, command wise, will probably look something like below:

git checkout -b release/v1.2.3

# make file edits
git push -u origin release/v1.2.3

git tag -as v1.2.3 -m "v1.2.3"
git push origin v1.2.3

# edit release on GitHub, download files

mv panel-1.2.3.tar.gz panel.tar.gz
shasum -a 256 panel.tar.gz > checksum.txt
cat checksum.txt

gpg --detach-sig --output panel.asc panel.tar.gz

# attach to release